Saturday Vigil-Sabado
    7:00 AM (Adoration)
    5:00 PM
    7:00 PM (Spanish)
    10:00 AM
    12:30 PM (Spanish)
    (Dias de Obligacion)
    8:00 AM
    7:00 PM (Bilingual)

    Monday-Saturday (Lunes-Sab)
    8:00 AM
    6:30 PM (Novena and Mass)
    Tuesday & Friday
    Martes & Viernes

    7:00 PM (Spanish)
    1st. Friday-1er viernes
    6:00 PM
    7:00 PM (Spanish)
    6:00 PM (Exp. del Santisimo)
    7:00 PM (Misa-Espanol)

    8:00 AM

elcome to our Parish Web Site


My dear friends,
Please receive a cordial greeting of Peace in our Lord Jesus and our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.
It is an honor for me to present another achievement that the parish of St. Mary's has accomplished, our website. This has been made possible with the help of many of you.
This had been a wish that had been manifested on several occasions during our Parish Council meetings. I seem to hear the voice of Peter Bakarich saying: "Father, it would be great if you could work on creating a website for the parish", time passed and nothing was done until today.
This is a great opportunity to show how our parish is progressing along with society.
Here, you will find information about our community, the various celebrations (sacraments, mass, etc..), various activities and a bit of the history of this beautiful church, which has been built up over the years, with the effort and hard work of all of you who read these lines today.  Let us not forget, of course, all those who are no longer with us, but they did their best, so that today, Saint Mary's Assumption Church, can be what it is today, a family who has always been there to support, shape and strengthened the beautiful work of God, which we are all called to live and celebrate each day.
I invite you to continue supporting us, as you all have done so far, in all these successes and achievements, which are not my own, but of those of you who have daily put all their effort and commitment in making this beautiful place. May you always continue spreading the love and presence of God to others.
Finally, I invite you to provide us with any suggestions you may have to improve this website. We are open to any suggestions.
God bless you.  Please have me in your prayers, as I assure you, I will have you in mine.
Fr. Edgar Ruiz


  • Attention All Parishioners

    The Mass book will be opening on the first week of October. You may begin to contact the parish office on Monday, October 1st with your mass intentions.
    For your convenience, there are several ways you can contact the office for mass offerings, including coming personally to the parish office, calling, emailing or sending your petition and stipend through regular mail.
    Please note: there has been a slight change in the stipends for the new year. Weekday masses will be $10 and weekend masses $15. Please call the parish office with any questions.

    Bishop's Annual Appeal

  • St. Mary's Assumption R.C. Church
    181 Market Street
    Passaic, New Jersey 07055
    63 Monroe Street